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DLG focuses its practice in civil litigation and intellectual property law, with an emphasis on the construction industry.  Specific areas of practice include:

Construction Law: breach of contract disputes, payment disputes, stop payment and mechanic's lien notices, bond claims, lien foreclosure actions, license bond claims, license board complaints, construction defect, public works construction including listing law disputes, civil wage penalty assessments and related labor issues on construction projects, filing and pursuing claims against public entities or contractors,and pursuing or defending claims for extra work. 

Commercial Contract Disputes: real estate disputes, sales of goods, contracts for services, and a variety of other disputes involving contracts. 

Employment Law: civil wage penalty assessments and disputes with the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, workplace discrimination, and corporate compliance issues. 

Intellectual Property Law: trademark registration and infringement matters, trademark searches and analysis, copyright registration and infringement.

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